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Right Now / Ready

Prague Quadrennial Studio Stage (2023)

Right Now / Ready was presented at the 2023 Prague Quadrennial Studio Stage programming at the Disk Theatre, DAMU.

A highly physical movement practice that blends contemporary dance and aerial apparatus work, the effort and physicality of the dancers, often invisible or disguised to the audience's eye, are exposed and filtered through Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with the production equipment in the space.

Throughout the 45-minute experience, the two dancers' heart rates are monitored and each dancer's heart rate ranges trigger different production elements in the space. This close relationship with technology allows the space to come to life, alongside the performers. As the dancers experience fatigue, failure, disorientation, and rest, their movements emerge in real-time, allowing dance to impact the technical elements granting the design greater weight and visibility.

Concept: Anna Pillot

Choreography and Performance: Caroline Butcher, Anna Pillot

Intermedia Collaboration: Brad Gallagher

Technical Direction: Iain Court

Lighting Design: Iain Court

Costume Design: Anna Pillot

Sound Design: Brad Gallagher, Anna Pillot

Video: Brad Gallagher,

Crew: Reed Otto; DAMU Staff & Students

Photography: Jakub Cervenka, Carl Pillot, Scott Schulke

Project Gallery

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