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I wasn’t athletic growing up. I got hit in the face by a softball when I was running the bases at the 7th grade team tryout. I sprained my ankle the first day of basketball practice, didn’t make the soccer travel team because I arrived an hour late and also I wasn’t good enough. Cross country skiing was too hard and downhill skiing was too risky and I couldn’t get injured because then I wouldn’t be able to dance. I used to complain all the way to the trailhead and throw tantrums on family hikes.


Are we there yet? I loved (love) rolling down hills, being up high, roller coasters, adrenaline rushes. I lean into type II fun, dance isn’t separate. Rejection, failure, validation, love, spite, desire are motivators.


My process is connected to instinct; sometimes the connection fails. I’m friendly with technology, I mostly lean into bad ideas, though I aspire to be good idea-adjacent. As of the time of writing my heart rate is 70 BPM.

some credentials

BA Dance Performance & Choreography; Spanish, Hope College

MFA Dance, University of Colorado Boulder (anticipated May 2023)

         Emphases: Dance Production; Dance and Technology 

         Graduate Certificate, Women and Gender Studies 

Three Time 50km Race Finisher

Anna Rooftop Screen-07571_edited.png

Photo by Jamel Mosely

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