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Anna is a dance and aerial artist, educator, technical director, lighting designer, and adventurer. Her research embraces gender studies, biology, physiology, psychology, and more, exploring their intersections and divergences. Anna constructs containers to surpass limitations, aiming for a heightened self while being honest about her humanity. Often present is a fusion of dance, running, technology, aerial apparatus work, humor, grit, and vulnerability brought to you by misdirection and the refusal to give up. 


As an educator, she empowers her students to embrace risks in their educational journey, fostering a willingness to grapple with failure and a receptivity to being vulnerable while learning.


In production, Anna excels as a technical director, production manager, and lighting designer, delving into projection mapping, video editing, and emergent technology.

Sometimes the best ideas involve a hot dog suit.



MFA Dance, University of Colorado Boulder

         Emphases: Dance Production; Dance and Technology 

         Graduate Certificate, Women and Gender Studies 

BA Dance Performance & Choreography; Spanish, Hope College

Three Time 50km Race Finisher

CV available upon request

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