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Hi, my name is Anna! I am a dance and aerial artist who dabbles in lighting design, and technical direction. I make endurance art, a fusion of dance, running, technology, aerial apparatus work, humor, grit, and vulnerability brought to you by misdirection and the refusal to give up. 

My process is connected to instinct (sometimes the connection fails). I’m friendly with technology, I try out ideas, I am working on not being afraid to be seen trying, and I am repeatedly reframing failure and rejection. 


I wasn’t athletic growing up. I got hit in the face by a softball when I was running the bases at the 7th-grade team tryout. I sprained my ankle the first day of basketball practice, didn’t make the soccer travel team because I arrived an hour late and also I wasn’t good enough. Cross-country skiing was too hard and downhill skiing was too risky and I couldn’t get injured because then I wouldn’t be able to dance. I used to complain all the way to the trailhead and throw tantrums on family hikes. I keep a reject-ography, a running bibliography of all of the times I have heard the word "no." 

Sometimes the best ideas involve a hot dog suit.


some credentials

BA Dance Performance & Choreography; Spanish, Hope College

MFA Dance, University of Colorado Boulder

         Emphases: Dance Production; Dance and Technology 

         Graduate Certificate, Women and Gender Studies 

Three Time 50km Race Finisher

Photo by Jamel Mosely

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