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teaching artist

A foundational goal of my teaching is to facilitate relationships, collaboration, connection, and trust within the classroom so that we are all collectively working toward the creation of a community together. Relationships are foundational to change-making, and the development of relationships in the classroom is fundamental to my pedagogical approach.

I believe that dancers are people who move, and that dance is for every body. I believe learning occurs through experience, curiosity, and relationship. I encourage student-driven learning, and ask students to think critically, question their assumptions and values, and be open to taking risks and the possibility of failure.

Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are imperative and ongoing work as an individual and as an instructor. It is my responsibility to be anti-racist and to actively work to dismantle how racism affects my actions and thinking as well as take a stance within my community and any institutions I am a part of.


“This class centered an understanding of embodiment, not only in the dance class but in everyday life. It was a joy, pleasure and pushed in all the right ways to get me out of my comfort zone.”

"Anna is one of the most supportive and encouraging dance professors I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She is deeply attuned to the needs of the class and is enthusiastic to provide clarity, support, and feedback to students across their dancing journey. Safety was always paramount, which was incredibly important to the nature of the Aerial Dance Class. Anna's passion for teaching and watching her students grow was inspiring to me as a student, this made the learning environment stellar. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to take class from a professor with so much experience and care."

“Anna is by far one of the most amazing instructors I have had the privilege of having at CU. She is constantly pushing new ways of thinking about movement and new ideas about how we can use our bodies and energy in our lives. She is such a kind and genuine person and made everyone in the class feel welcome and capable of dance. She was always looking out for our best interests and put her students first. I was challenged constantly to push my boundaries and have become a more confident and secure person in not only my movements but my thought process as well. I do not believe I would have had this experience with anyone other than Anna and anyone who has her as an instructor should feel very lucky.”

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