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Performance | Brave New Dances 2017

Dec 1, 2017

Don't miss your chance to see six brand new works of choreography performed one weekend only!
Maude Baum and Company Dance Theatre

Albany’s Premiere Dance Theatre is celebrating 45 years of innovative Dance, Music and Theatre; and will perform all new choreography by Maude Baum, Carla Wasbes, Anna Pillot, Regina Felio, Vanessa Paige, and Katherine Winning.

For info contact eba at: (518) 465-9916, e-mail:

Tickets can be purchased online at

Company Performing Artists include Regina Felio, Diane DeGroat, Anna Pillot, Katherine Winning, Allison Hicks, Maude Baum, Susan Pedo (eba Sensational), and several members of the community.

Each performer brings her own splendid style of movement to the stage. MB & Co. Artists bring their essence and personality to the stage; revealing real people with genuine feelings and ideas. Ms. Baum searches for unique and developed personality, demands authenticity and rewards artistic risk!

Come see for yourself.

Photo by Colleen Dooley

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