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It's Personal

It's Personal (2022)

this is what I have right now. 

go, endure, fall, push, fail, fall, endure, succeed.


laugh, cry, play by the rules.

plot synopsis: it starts with my watch and ends when your order is ready. 

it’s personal? it is personal. 

when/does it end? another time/mile/try. what i have right now. 

play it back one more time. 

your order is ready.

Created and performed by Anna Pillot during a B2 Center for Media, Art, and Performance Creative Residency

Intermedia Collaboration: Brad Gallagher

Dance Break Choreography: Caroline Butcher, Anna Pillot

Video: Anna Pillot, Kate Gomez Moore

Delivery Support: Caroline Butcher, Kate Gomez Moore

Costume Support: Department of Theatre & Dance

Technical Director: Cooper Braun-Enos

Lighting Design: Stephanie Castro Rivera

Stage Manager: Thomas Gaither

Assistant Stage Manager: Kylie Good

Light Board Operator: Kerouac Xuan Awbrey

Tricaster Operator: Alex Collin

Show Crew: Ethan Ables and Adam Yoder

Sound Score: Anna Pillot and Brad Gallagher featuring: 

"Road to Nowhere" - The Talking Heads 

"Blue Jay Way" - The Beatles, remixed by Katarina Lott

"Video Game Greats" Sound Effects

"Bejeweled" - Taylor Swift

"In Your Arms Tonight" - Jonas Blue and Mark Villa

Clair de Lune, L. 32 - Claude Debussy played by Caroline Butcher 

"They Say It’s Spring" - Blossom Dearie

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